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tejari, the region's leading b2b online marketplace, needed to revitalize its web portal. since the dubai government-owned entity's launch in 2000, the size and scope of its operations had expanded. its online presence had to reflect the company's enhanced profile, as well as the full spectrum of services that it provided. at over 200 pages in both english and arabic, this dynamic portal is the heart of tejari's business.


prose solutions was brought in to develop all the content for the new web portal. we assembled a dedicated team of experienced english copywriters and arabic translators, who collaborated closely with tejari's management and project team to develop a strategy, collect the required information, and craft the english and arabic content - on time and on budget. the success of the new portal was a major factor in tejari's 31% growth in global membership and strong increase in trading volume within the first year of its launch.

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All the top rated online bookmakers are included in the list and anything that's worth a B rating or higher is already on there. Paypal and certain deposit types and bet types excluded.

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It isn't entirely clear how Amazon chooses and invites reviewers, but here are some guidelines online along with a few tips from reviewers who have been picked for the program. Here are some important pointers that you need to keep in mind:

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