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lammtara, the award-winning creator of freej, was not satisfied with previous english subtitling work carried out for the first two seasons of its groundbreaking freej franchise, the middle east 's first and most successful 3d animated series. to connect with a wider international audience, they needed to effectively communicate the finely woven stories and penetrating humor of the original arabic scripts - written in the local emirati dialect - as well as the distinct personalities of the characters, particularly those of the four beloved grandmothers at the heart of the show.


with the clock rapidly approaching the scheduled launch of freej's season 3 dvd, prose solutions was commissioned to craft english subtitles for season 3, as well as re-working the subtitles for seasons 1 and 2 to ensure quality and consistency for an upcoming box set. we developed a customized multi-step process with a team of four creative writers and translators - two english and two arabic - firstly to ensure that no info rmation was lost in translation from emirati arabic to english, and secondly to bring the culturally poignant and consistently witty dialogue to life. this increased the value of lammtara's core product, as another award-winning season of freej could now be fully appreciated by an audience of english speakers across the region and around the world.

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