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Arqaam Capital Newsletter_


Arqaam Capital, a leading boutique investment bank based out of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and London , was seeking to enhance its profile and offer insightful industry and market analysis to its network through a quarterly newsletter. This strategic branding initiative required a high degree of sophistication to effectively engage and stimulate its target audience of current and potential clients, strategic partners and investors.


Prose Solutions satisfied the need to communicate technical financial information and analysis in a powerful and accessible manner. We appointed one of our specialist finance writers, who carried out a series of interviews with Arqaam Capital's senior staff and partners to collect the necessary information. The resulting articles served to provide valuable data to readers, while simultaneously promoting Arqaam Capital's services and strengthening its corporate brand. Arqaam Capital reported a very positive response from recipients, creating in the desired increase in market awareness about the company and its services.

To download one issue of the Arqaam Capital Newsletter, please click here (PDF).

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